Creativity is not only one of our core values but also our way of life. It drives our vision, process and workflow from beginning to end. Our producers specialize in a wide variety of musical genres, from earth shaking dance music and shoegaze/dreampop to intense psychedelic rock. Our studio is equipped with extremely powerful tools: Cubase Pro, Universal Audio Apollo interface and plugins, Adam Audio Monitors, Native Instruments Komplete 11, Neuman Mics, plus world class instruments and amps. Whatever instrumental sound, mix or vibe you’re going for.. We have it all covered


Our Studio, the Andromeda Lounge, is a hybrid of pristine digital clarity and warm buttery analog. UAD Neve 88RS, SSL E Series, API Vision and the UA 610 A/B – you get the color and punch heard in the all the classic albums and modern masterpieces. We have all the legendary compressors, EQs, FX: 1176, LA2A, Neve, Fairchild, EMT 140, Pultec, Studer, Ampex. All available in-house or in the field with our UAD Apollo Mobile Rig. There’s no sound we can’t get.


The art of mixing (and make no mistake, it is an art) is not a skill everyone possesses. It’s well worth your while, even if you’ve recorded your tracks yourself in your home studio, to seek out an experienced mixing engineer. A good mix can enhance every aspect of your music so that the final sonic result truly makes your song stand out.


Mastering your song is the final key difference. You might think your mix sounds hot now, but wait until it goes through our mastering workflow. We’ll do more than make your music radio ready. We guarantee your music will be as loud and thick as possible without compromising clarity. Legendary Mastering Tools like the Elysia Alpha & Shadow Hills Mastering Compressors and Millenia NSEQ-2 will take your mix to the highest level in the mastering stage