About Us

Our Vision

We are comprised of music producers, musicians, designers, geeks, DJ's and all kinds of awesome wonderful creative types.

We create, record, mix, produce and master all our music and websites in-house.

Transforming Ideas

We have a lot of experience turning our Creative Visions into Reality and can do the same for you. Whatever sound or results you want... our creative and technical vision will take them to the next level.

We Transform Imaginative Ideas into Creative Realities

Stellar Results

Ideas without scope and execution are just ideas. We know how to apply intense scope and execution to any Creative Idea and bring it to life. We bridge the creative and technical seamlessly.

Our Scope and Execution will turn your idea into an Epic Reality.

"Creativity is the greatest form of rebellion in existence."

The Artists

The Infinite Seas

Formed In 2013

1 Albums

THE INFINITE SEAS is the ongoing musical Sci-fi saga telling the story of Varuneyi, The Infinite Mermaid and her journey home to an aquatic planet deep in the Andromeda galaxy.

Influenced by a wide variety of styles including rock, electronic, shoegaze, dreampop, Indian traditional and dance. The music is futuristic yet organic.


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Formed In 2009

2 Albums

Pollinator marks a new paradigm in the creative expression of long time Los Angeles producer/ DJ, artist Paul Rutan III (AKA: Swami Putanitin). His sound cross-pollinates broad genres and styles of EDM, Hip Hop, Folk, Funk Dub and Jazz, with a message of love, expansion and awakening.

Pollinator Soundcloud

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Formed In 2003

5 Albums

Singer/Songwriter Rod Soriano, the creative force and producer behind Katerpillar has a colorful history of crafting truly inspired original music. His previous self-produced EP, ‘The Beautiful the Love and the Ugly’ continued that legacy with a return to acoustic roots.

The forthcoming project from Katerpillar will be the first to feature ICG post-production services.


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Daydream Cathedral

Formed In 2014

1 Albums

Infinite Creativity Group’s Dino Bose produced and performed guitars for Daydream Cathedral’s debut EP Ancestors.

The overall sonic ingredients include elements of shoegaze, dream pop, electronic, indie, alternative, psychedelic, britpop and other ethereal sensitivities.

The debut EP ‘Ancestors’ is digitally distributed to sites, apps, stores, and platforms worldwide.


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